Buying a Historic Home? Why You Need to Talk to an Electrician

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Buying a Historic Home? Why You Need to Talk to an Electrician

13 July 2022
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If you're in the market to buy a historic home that is still true to its original condition, you need to have an air of realism. After all, you may need to perform certain tasks to bring it up to modern-day standards from a safety and practicality point of view. In particular, you need to look closely at the electrical installation and inspect the condition of the wiring. What should you take into account?

Understanding the Challenge

When talking with the seller, one of your first few questions should involve the wiring, and they need to tell you whether they have replaced the original system or not. If they haven't, you would be best advised to consider a complete reinstallation, especially if you want to introduce modern-day conveniences.

Moving with the Times

The electrical industry has moved on a great deal over the decades, and current standards will be very advanced in comparison. You need to think carefully about what you plan to do as you move your family in and be familiar with the building regulations in your area before you renovate. If you plan any material alterations, then you may be required to rewire the property and upgrade the electrical panel. Even if you are not required to do this work, you should consider it anyway from a safety and practicality point of view.

Considering Circuit Size

As it is, the home may have a given number of electrical circuits, but not as many as you would typically find in a modern-day home of its size. A modern house may have one circuit per room, which may not be the case with an older property. You may find that there are only a few outlets in your living room, and you'll struggle to connect all those essential entertainment devices.

Inspecting the Current Installation

If you really want to see what you're working with, carefully remove an existing socket or switch plate and closely examine the wiring. You may find that the outer protective sheath has deteriorated with age, which is enough evidence to prompt you to act. Also, if you have an electrical panel complete with ceramic-style fuses, you should schedule a complete reinstallation. You should have circuit breakers and residual current devices, which are very sensitive safety switches that can isolate a problem in the blink of an eye.

Your Next Step

Get in touch with a local electrician and ask them for their opinion. They will tell you what needs to be done and give you a quote for the work. To learn more about electrical wiring in an old home, contact a local electrician.