Why Does Your Microwave Keep Tripping a Breaker?

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Why Does Your Microwave Keep Tripping a Breaker?

19 October 2022
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Like many Australian families, you will rely on a microwave daily to prepare certain dishes quickly and keep the rest of the household happy. Yet you may be scratching your head if this appliance is constantly tripping one of the breakers in your utility room. Why is this happening, and how can you pinpoint the problem?

Dealing with a Power Hog

Microwave ovens are certainly a fantastic invention, packed with some great features and able to deploy some amazing cooking power from something so small. However, this power comes with specific demands, and a typical microwave uses a lot of power.

Gathering Information

To begin with, check how many amps the microwave oven requires. See whether it is plugged into its dedicated circuit to handle that load level. Ideally, a major appliance like this should have its own circuit, but it may be tied into a larger circuit that also includes other energy hogs and appliances.

Have a look at the labels on the breaker board. If the microwave is plugged into its own dedicated circuit, this should be labelled appropriately. If there is no label or other means of identification, it may well be part of a shared circuit.

Performing the Test

If you can, plug the microwave into a different outlet and perhaps in your bedroom, where the demand for that circuit is likely to be much lower. Operate the microwave and see if it still trips its new breaker. If so, the problem is likely within the unit itself, and you may need to bring in an appliance repair specialist to take a look.

Installing a New Circuit

If the microwave oven seems to work perfectly well in this new location, nobody is suggesting that you heat all your meals in your bedroom instead. Rather, you need to call in an electrician who can wire in a new, dedicated circuit. They will then connect the appropriate outlets to this new circuit, and you can return the microwave to its rightful place. After the work has been performed, you shouldn't run into any issues in the future and be able to prepare the family meals on time.

Additional Advice

Ask the electrician to have a close look at your entire electrical installation while they are there. They may advise adding an extra circuit to help cope with other appliances or a large number of devices around your entertainment centre.  

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