Examples of Outdoor Lighting You Should Add to Your Yard

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Examples of Outdoor Lighting You Should Add to Your Yard

29 July 2021
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You might not have much outdoor lighting around your yard right now, which can be a problem. Improper lighting can make it difficult for you to enjoy your property as much as you otherwise would. It can also create safety and security issues. Plus, certain types of outdoor lighting can add to your home's curb appeal. If you are curious about some of the different types of lighting that you should consider adding to your yard, consider these options.


Downlights are lights that face downward, and they can be used in your yard in a number of ways. You can use them around the edges of your home so that the lighting will shine down on your home, which can help illuminate your home and really add to its curb appeal.


Opposite of downlights, uplights are lights that point upward. They work well when placed around fountains, statues, or other lawn and garden features that you want to show off.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are bright, bold lights that provide a lot of lighting. Flood lights are a particularly good choice if you need to provide lighting in a larger area, such as if you have your own basketball court and want to provide ample lighting. Flood lights are also great for security purposes. For example, some flood lights serve as motion lights. Installing these around various areas of your property can be a good idea; they can turn on if you or a guest walks by and needs some lighting, and they will also light up and deter those who might not have good intentions if they find their way into your yard at night.

Step Lights

Step lights are thin lights that can be installed on the fronts of your stairs. They are great when they are added to your front porch or back deck steps. They help a lot with safety, and they can help show off your stairs and the surrounding area, too.

Garden Lights

As the name suggests, garden lights are lights that are specifically designed to be used in the garden. They are great for making it easier for you to work in your garden after dark or first thing in the morning, and they allow you to really show off all of your flowers and plants.

Walkway Lights

Installing lights around the walkways on your property can be a good idea. There are various types of lights that can be placed in the ground, and there are also strip lights that can be used. Either choice can spruce up your walkways and can make it safer and easier to walk on your walkways, too.

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