3 Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Electrical Contractor

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3 Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Electrical Contractor

16 July 2020
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Although it is tempting to engage in DIY electrical repairs, especially when dealing with minor faults, such activities can result in catastrophic consequences, including loss of property and death in worst-case scenarios. Whether you're seeking to address a simple faulty electric system or  you're retrofitting your power supply, always go for the best electrical contractor. Unfortunately, many people and institutions are not conversant with the factors to consider when engaging the services of an electrician. Here are a few tips to guide you find a qualified and competent electrician. Read on to find out more.


Commercial electrical repairs are expensive and might eat into the profits of an organization if they become recurrent. When hiring a commercial electrical contractor, always shortlist at least three service providers to receive favourable quotes. By following a structured approach when hiring an electrical contractor, you are not only guaranteed discounts but also professional services since you can gauge the competency of a service provider. However, it is recommended that you avoid the cheapest quotes, especially if they don't match the scale of electrical work involved. As a rule of thumb, go for contractors with balanced and fair prices to get quality service delivery.


A credible electrical contractor should be insured. Many people consider electrical protection as an afterthought since they assume that their existing covers are sufficient. However, an insurance company might refuse to pay for any damages if they are caused by a third party that is not covered within the policy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you insist on an insured service provider since they not only safeguard your property but also exonerate you from expensive lawsuits that might be filed by injured electricians. Besides, it is a legal requirement that commercial electrical companies be insured in some states.


Documenting any electrical work is not only a statutory requirement in most regions, but it also enables service providers to understand repair work that was undertaken in the past. The documents act as proof that professional work was executed and indemnify a building owner if any damage occurs. Best practices require that an electrician provides the relevant documents and diagrams after undertaking electrical tasks. The records are a prerequisite when seeking particular permits from the authorities or when applying for an insurance product. Again, if a building changes ownership, then the new owner will find it easy to track all electrical repairs conducted within the building.

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