House Rewiring: The Services You Will Likely Need

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House Rewiring: The Services You Will Likely Need

16 June 2020
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When it comes to electrical installations, there's a common misconception that electrical wiring is a one-time duty. However, a few years of home habitation will likely require you to make adjustments or repairs to your current installations. There are currently over 150,000 electricians employed in Australia. Their day-to-day activities usually include fixing minor problems, such as circuit overloads and frequent electrical surges.

Typically, these problems are a sign of a greater issue — a flaw in the wiring which may have to be solved from scratch. Fortunately, these changes can also improve your home power supply's capacity to withstand high-consuming appliances, such as washing machines and electric stoves. Here's everything you should know.

You Must Assess The Wiring Lifespan Before You Can Increase Electrical Capacity

You'll need your electrician to establish the lifespan of your wiring through a quick inspection. Typically, wiring is expected to last about 20 years. However, this number can vary based on consumption habits and the quality of materials used. The more your wires are protected (you can request for nylon wrapping for your conduits), the longer they will last.

If your electrician deems that you have anywhere under five years of smooth operations to look forward to, you may want to seek house rewiring services. Homes built decades ago will often have low amp capacities, which aren't sufficient to handle modern appliances such as dishwashers and high-voltage hair dryers. You can request for your home to be rewired to a higher amp (voltage) capacity, according to the power requirements of the appliances you wish to use regularly.

Electrical Rewiring Improves The Safety Of Your Home

Electrical problems account for 25% of preventable home fires in Victoria. Electrical fires pose the most significant risk of property loss, causing millions of dollars in damages every year. This means that greater emphasis must be placed on the quality of electrical wiring to lower the current alarming figures. Improved safety measures include making sure that circuit breaker boxes are labelled appropriately and that all used parts have the right amperage rating.

You should request the use of plastic-insulated wires to stop circuits from overheating. You can also opt for add-ons to your electrical house rewiring services, such as installing low-consuming smoke detectors to prevent a spread in the event of a fire.

A Finishing Word

The home rewiring process need not be too challenging — as long as you know what to expect. Do not hesitate to spend a little more on electrical services if it means added quality; this is likely to extend your new installation's lifespan in the long run. If you live in a home built in the '60s, rewiring may be an opportunity to pull your house into modernity and minimise the risk of fire.

To learn more about electrical rewiring services, contact an electrician.