Reasons To Call An Electrician

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Reasons To Call An Electrician

9 June 2020
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Electricity is not something to be treated lightly — it can cause untold damage to life and property. Thus, you should treat it with the utmost care. The following are some reasons to call a professional electrician.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

If you experience circuit breakers that are frequently tripping every time you plug in an additional heater or other appliance, it's time to call for an electrician. This indicates that the system might not be powerful enough for your needs, and it is thus continually being overloaded.

Old Buildings

If you're living in an old building and suspect the electricity hasn't had a tune-up for a while, you would be wise to book an electrician for an inspection. You're probably using more appliances than when the structure was initially designed, and the current power system may be outdated and in need of an upgrade. An inspection will ensure everything is up to current-day safety standards, which improve all the time. This is the case particularly in wet areas such as bathrooms which have particular regulations.

Lights Dimming

Some components guzzle more electricity than others. For instance, an air conditioner often draws a lot of power from the system. This can result in other elements, such as lighting, not getting what they need. Thus if you notice a light dimming as you switch on a major appliance, call an electrician, who might think it necessary to install a dedicated line for the more demanding devices. 


When renovating, an electrician will make sure that everything is safe and able to carry the power load. You might have installed new appliances in a kitchen remodel, for instance, such as freezers or dishwashing machines. Extra heating and cooling units can also draw heavily on electricity, and your system will need the capacity to cope. 

Outdoor Lighting

One update you might be planning is to improve the outdoor lighting around your property. More illumination will make your yard safer at night and also increase its beauty. An electrician can set up wiring for accent lights around a water feature, or ambient lighting to brighten up the patio, allowing you to entertain at night. 

Burning Smells

If you notice burning smells when using an appliance or else an electrical outlet feels hot to the touch, an electrician can check for faulty equipment or wiring. You should also have any loose casings over outlets firmly secured as part of your upkeep of the system.