Fact Check: Debunking Top Myths Around Solar Power

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Fact Check: Debunking Top Myths Around Solar Power

21 February 2020
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The use of solar power is quickly gaining traction all across the world. Unfortunately, there remains some misinformation and myths out there that drive some towards being reluctant to the idea of installing solar power systems.

Here is a quick rundown of some of these myths, and the facts that you should know.

1. Roof-Mounted Solar Panels Damage the Roof

It's possible to mount solar panels on most roof types. The installer will prepare a sturdy rack for the panels that is then mounted and fastened onto the roof. The panels will stay up for years to come without causing any roof damage.

If anything, roof-mounted solar power panels can actually do quite a bit to protect your roof. The portion covered by the panels is protected from, say, falling leaf branches.

2. Solar Panels Don't Work on Cloudy Days

That you will be able to generate solar power only on those sunny days is another myth. The truth is that the panels will still produce power on the cloudy days, just not as much as you'd get on a bright and sunny day.

Depending on the amount of cloud cover, the solar power generating capacity can go down to 10-25 percent, but certainly not to zero. You can always save up for such days by storing your solar power in batteries.

3. Solar Power Systems Are High-Maintenance

There is very little to do in terms of maintenance. Every now and then, you may need to give the panels a good cleaning to remove bird droppings and other debris that would otherwise impact the panels' generating capacity. You will also need to check and fix any loose connections in the cabling.

Not much to do, is it? Solar panels are quite low-maintenance, and you will only have to do the maintenance tasks mentioned every couple of months.

4. Solar Panels Reduce Property Value

The opposite is true, in that installing solar power panels will only add value to your property. The reduced energy bills that come with the installation is an incentive and an easy sell for today's potential property buyers. You also shouldn't worry about the aesthetics since an expert installer will ensure that the panels lie in a neat assembly on your roof.

There will always be myths about just about everything under the sun. On the sun itself and its capacity to produce clean solar power, do not miss out on all the benefits of solar energy by taking no heed of the myths.

For more information, contact a solar power service in your area.