How to Keep Your Electrical Rotating Machinery in Good Condition

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How to Keep Your Electrical Rotating Machinery in Good Condition

27 January 2020
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The electrical rotating machines on your industrial property require diligent maintenance. These pieces of equipment experience a lot of strain during regular operations. Therefore, if they are neglected, the components will experience accelerated wear. Over time, complete failure will occur. Proper maintenance will ensure that there is minimal downtime. The machinery will run at optimal levels. In addition, you will spend less on repairs. Here are central tips on keeping your electrical rotating machinery in good condition.

Maintain and Record

It is important to check the maintenance procedures recommended for your equipment. The servicing tasks are usually outlined by the machinery manufacturer in the owner's manual. If you ignore the processes, your equipment will not fail right away. However, you will notice a gradual decline in performance. Therefore, you should make time for core servicing. In addition, consider keeping detailed records. These will take a little extra time, but they will be valuable when there is employee turnover in your maintenance department.

Plan for Housekeeping

Cleaning might not seem like a priority in busy industrial spaces. However, good housekeeping can protect your electrical rotating machinery. In simple terms, cleaning the equipment will keep harmful particles from core components. As a result, you will not face a lot of operation issues, such as increased friction in rotating parts and hydraulic fluid contamination. Also, when your equipment is clean, you will be able to troubleshoot your equipment with increased efficiency. This will minimise the risk of underlying problems going unnoticed for long periods of time.

Conduct Timely Repairs

You should plan for immediate restoration of your electrical rotating machines if you notice anomalies in their regular operations. Often, small problems in the equipment are overlooked because they do not seem to affect the performance of the system. For instance, your machine can keep working even if there is a damaged bushing or a shaft out of alignment. However, these issues will escalate over time and cause the equipment to fail. Therefore, it is advisable to always conduct immediate repairs, regardless of the magnitude of the malfunction.

Think About Inspection

Finally, you should schedule regular inspections of the electrical rotating machinery. Inspections will increase your total operational expenses. Still, the price is small in comparison to the high costs that will occur in case of equipment failure. The assessment will help you identify hidden issues which could be causing a decline in performance. Additionally, you will detect and resolve problems which could compromise employee safety.