3 Electrical Repair Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

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3 Electrical Repair Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

28 January 2020
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Electricity is one of the must-have necessities in any home today and can be used in different ways, including lighting, operating different appliances and keeping the house warm. Due to this overreliance, the electrical system can easily become faulty, so the best solution is to hire an expert to handle the electrical repairs. However, sometimes homeowners opt to do electrical repairs on their own and end up making serious mistakes. Outlined below are a few common mistakes you shouldn't make to avoid unnecessary electrical issues in the future.

1. Using inaccurate wires and cables

Electrical cables and wires come in different sizes, and that's why electricians consider the gauge before making a choice. However, few people understand that different sized cables are ideal for various purposes. The gauge will determine the purpose and area where the wire or cable will be used. If a certain wire is installed at the wrong place, issues like overheating, or circuit breaker/fuse shorting will occur. For this reason, the cables and wires you get must be ranked for the right amperage you need. Consider seeking expert help if it's your first time buying these electrical system components.

2. Frequently replacing fuses

Fuses play a significant role in regulating the electricity flow onto the appliances you have connected to the system. Over time, the fuse can blow—when this occurs, most people opt to replace the fuse instead of hiring an expert to check the cause of the problem. While replacing the fuse isn't wrong, it won't resolve the issue at hand. In most cases, the issue behind the blowing fuse is the circuit. You will end up spending so much on new fuses and still risk home fires. When you notice that your fuse is continually failing, consider hiring an electrician to check out the wiring.

3. Incorrectly fixing switches and outlets

Due to safety issues, the electrical system in any property must have numerous outlets and switches. These outlets and switches are generally placed in strategic areas and must be installed correctly to prevent problems. Over time, these outlets can become loose and may dangle from the wall whenever you touch them, which is very dangerous. If you decide to plug in your appliance on such an outlet, the electric wires become loose and lead to arching and overheating. Do not try to fix such switch or outlet issues on your own. You will only make the situation worse or risk getting electrocuted.