What You Should Know About Hot Water Maintenance

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What You Should Know About Hot Water Maintenance

16 January 2020
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It is safe to say that almost every residential property has hot water needs and will use either solar, electric or gas-powered hot water systems. Choosing between these options mainly depends on your specific needs, budget and energy-saving requirements. To ensure the hot water system serves you for the longest time possible and without frequent repairs, it should be maintained regularly. Here's what you need to know about hot water maintenance.

Manufacturer and Hot Water System Installer-Advised Maintenance

Each hot water system is made by a particular manufacturer and it comes with a manufacturer manual. The manual highlights the maintenance steps and schedules you should apply to maximise the life of the hot water system.

Once you buy a hot water system, especially if it's a large one, the manufacturer might be the one doing the installation. Hence, you may be expected to follow the manufacturer's manual and installer-recommended tips and advice (from their experience working with the units, they know some important information about them).

Other portable hot water systems like the hot water showerhead can be installed by an electrician. Through experience, your electrician should be able to give you tips and advice regarding maintenance. The hot water system will also have a manual, which you shouldn't dismiss just because your electrician told you what to do; read it as well.

What Are Some of These Maintenance Steps?

Maintenance depends on the particular hot water system you have. However, you should know what to expect.

The First Time the Hot Water System Is Used

Maintenance strategies start the very first day your hot water system is turned on. Let the installer perform the strategies; they mostly involve letting water run through the system before turning it on and counter checking that everything has been installed correctly.

Hot Water Maintenance during Hot Water System Use

Depending on the system, especially hot water tanks, you might be required to flush the system to get rid of debris. Accumulated debris can damage your hot water system through corrosion and also cause dirty water.

DIY and Specialist (Technical) Maintenance

You should note that there are some maintenance processes that only a qualified or experienced person can apply. Find out which these are and don't attempt them; you might end up damaging your system; the hot water system installer should highlight them. You can even injure yourself in the process through electrocution or fire. Let the installer also inform you of the simple maintenance processes you can handle.